CPCS Ness City, KS

Computer Repair

By encompassing a broad range of tools, techniques and proceedures, we can troubleshoot and identify issues with faulty computers and resolve most issues in a timely fashion.

New Computers

Compare our 3 year limited warranty on parts and labor and our 24 hour local service and support to their warranty and service programs. We're sure you'll agree, we offer the best value.


As a Certified Microsoft Partner, we sale and support a robust line of business applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Echange Email services and so much more.


We can build and manage networks of any size. From two computers to a thousand, we can pull the and terminate cable and even network multiple remote offices together.

Backup And Disaster Recovery

Protect Your Company's Data With Our Image-Based Or File-Based Backup Solution.

Risk Level - It's not IF, but WHEN...

Local Backup With Offsite Redundancy
Risk - 5%
5% Risk

A daily backup of your data with offsite reredundancy minimizes the risk of losing your data and the impact of downtime and loss of productivity. If a tornado or a fire comes along and destroys everything, we have a copy in our vault that can be booted up in a matter of minutes.This is the kind of protection that helps you sleep at night.

Local Backup Without Offsite Redundancy
Risk - 50%
50% Complete

Hourly incremental images and consolidated daily images provide great protection against hardware failures. If your data is lost due to a bad harddrive, the local backup has you covered. This option, like the Offsite, also encrypts your data. This has no option to help protect against complete disasters like flood, fire, tornado and any other scenario where the hardware is rendered useless.

No Backup Solution
Risk - 90%
65% Complete

This is bad news and not a very smart move. The odds of data loss due to a system failure increases by about 16% for every year the system is in service. There are varying load factors that could be considered as well but that list is too lenthy to share here. What is comes down to is this: it's not IF your system fails, but WHEN.